Case Study: 1worldspace, Founded Sirius and XM

Bringing the world together through technology

Corporate Brand Identity 

A great brand motivates, inspires, empowers and transcends a product or service. Originally named Worldspace, PIR changed the name to 1worldspace to align with their mission.

Knowledge, music and camaraderie unify us and we become . . . one

A Brand Family — Service Offering Differentiations 

Icons designed to highlight different service offerings extend the brand

Sports Channels

Music Channels

Advertising and Media 

1worldspace's mission to bring the world together through content is reinforced through an international unity campaign and bold messaging.

Outdoor & Transit

Web Design 

Delivering music, sports, news, and original content connecting the world and allowing the user to experience and connect with content from all over the world.

Our team is adept a crafting content for all audiences. Internal, external, stakeholders, and stockholders each require their own specific approach and messaging.

Internal Communications 

A GREAT brand begins internally. Employees are the creators, the stewards, the purveyors of the corporate mission, vision and values. They embody the brand. Keeping them informed is a critical step to keeping them engaged.