Core Competency: Fundraising and Development

Growing by doing good and giving back

Cause Related Marketing 

Working with Ogilvy & Mather, PIR's Founder helped develop & pioneer cause related marketing. Together they created campaigns to increases the number of card holders — and support regional and local arts organizations.

The National campaign focused on supporting the restoration of a national treasure — the Statue of Liberty. This campaign resulted in a sizable increase in the number of new cards issued and thus, a $1 million contribution by American Express to the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.


Great minds think alike. We partnered with Showtime for some creative footage to create this video. The Foundation donated millions annually to global community education programs.

“One World, One Nation” Corporate Fundraising Video
(special thanks to Showtime for providing some of the footage used in this video)

Unexpected Partnerships & Corporate Giving Programs 

Unexpected partnerships fuel innovation. When we connected Enterasys Networks and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, both organizations learned through collaboration.

Enterasys Networks donated over one million dollars of networking equipment and were the featured sponsor of the John Lennon Exhibit at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We created a laser light show to highlight the technology aspect of the Enterasys, Rock Hall partnership.

Thinking differently creates unique fundraising opportunities 

Music and art have the ability to bring people together and unite us around a cause. When the Red Cross needed a way to raise funds we put together a unique program of concerts, original music, and custom instruments to promote their work and expand their donor base.

When we wrote the Red Cross International Disaster Creed we asked how they were going to distribute their message — they were thinking about a poster. We had a different idea — we used the creed as the lyrics and set it to original music written by Rock & Roll legend Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals. 

Frequently you hear the question “What can business do for the arts?” We ask “What can the arts do for business?” The arts connect us and bring us together to form common bonds. From silent auctions, to curated events, and concerts, the arts are a powerful fundraising tool that can create lasting relationships for organizations — and their donors.

Campaign: Children’s Hospital
Illustration by Susan Davis

Campaign: Children’s Hospital
Etching by Sergio Gonzalez Tornero

Campaign: National Parks & Conservation Assoc.
Illustration by Susan Davis

Campaign: Mount Vernon
Illustration by Susan Davis

Doing Good By Giving Back 

Developed by PIR this unique approach to fundraising offers a one stop shop for item curation and on-line auction management. It’s giving back by doing good in it’s purist form.

Non-Profit Appeal Videos 

Push your boundaries to raise money.