Core Competency: World Class Design & Architecture

From designing and general contracting large spaces like L’Enfant Plaza, a 330,000 square foot office building (first IM Pei Building in D.C.) to designing American Express’ regional office in D.C., to curating art collections for Toyota, The World Bank, and The International Monetary Fund, to leasing art for corporations around the world — we build and extend your brand from the ground up.

Spaces that Stretch the Imagination 

Like any creative process, interior design and construction work hand in hand. We use sustainable materials to produce environments that delight the senses and leave lasting impressions.

Corporate Workspaces 

Branding and image go well beyond logos, tag lines and advertising campaigns. The offices and facilities where you work say a great deal about your company — to employees and visitors alike. At PIR, our designers create and implement plans that uniquely capture your style and personality, without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

Re-Imagining A Legend 

L'Enfant Plaza was the first I.M. Pei building in D.C.  To boost tenancy, the owners asked us to take the pre-fab 1960's design and make it traditional. We were hired by the owner to be the general contractor and designer, which saved our client money and time because we were on-site and could make any necessary design changes (thus, no work stoppages).

The redesign and construction method was so innovative it made the front page of the Real Estate Section of The New York Times.

Mindful of the tenants we strived to make sure they were able to work in the building during the entire the renovation. Deadline driven, we completed the project under budget, and well before the due date.

As a thank you to the tenants we gave each one limited edition prints and posters of the original art by Robert Wilson, featured in the lobby.

(Water Lillies I and Water Lillies II by Robert Wilson)