Case Study: O Museum in the Mansion

Doing good by giving back.

Engaging the imagination starts with the mission 

To empower people to do what they love — dare to be different — and have fun. We inspire creativity, diversity, and imagination through the fusion of the arts, science, and sports.

Mirroring the experience start to finish 

A feast for the senses, this innovative museum integrates their brand through all mediums.

O Museum’s home page mirrors their brand. A globe, an O, and the innerworkings of a clock, in perpetual motion — all the religions move in the circle of life, changing and melding into each other. All you have to do to create is believe in something bigger than self.

Custom animated home page with unique circular navigation and roll-over “secret doors” engage the user and reinforce the sense of discovery they will find when they visit.

Consistent reinforcement of the brand personality  

Unexpected, fun, sincere, giving, and inclusive — O Museum’s brand personality permeates everything they do.

Corporate Videos 

Corporate Business Cards 

Exhibits & Events 

Social Media Campaigns 

Booklets, Rack Cards, and Handouts 


Internal Communications and Employee Enablement 

Building brands start from the inside. Employees are your ambassadors. Training tools are a must.

(training video and training manual)