Core Competency: Corporate Identity & Logo Design

A great brand helps establish a strong presence in the marketplace. It is the unique set of qualities and standards that define a company and how it is perceived by the world at large. It is the way a company looks, the way it sounds , the way it does business.


How important is branding? Think of Nike without the swoosh. Think of Target without the red and white circles. Think of McDonald’s without the arches. These images—so ingrained in our minds and so key to each company’s success.

Brand Guides & Color Systems 

A brand guide is a critical tool to ensure consistency throughout the organization. Setting clear parameters for usage of logos, colors, fonts, and images helps to scale brand stewardship beyond your marketing team.

Your logo is your signature, it is the first thing that immediately sets you apart from anyone else. We start with your mission to create a mark that reflects your strengths and solidifies you in the market.

Brand extensions follow the guidelines strengthening the brand and creating a cohesive experience

Sports Channels

Music Channels

Corporate Brand Identity & Brand Re-Launch 

When Enterasys split from parent company Cabletron Systems we were given the name and asked to create a bold new brand; messaging, tagline and company direction.

Product Identity & Naming Conventions 

Extending a corporate brand throughout a broad product line requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Each product has its own DNA but needs to be shown as a part of the family to infuse the same level of value and confidence throughout all facets of the product set.

Taglines Bestow A Higher Calling 

The secret to brand empowerment is to embody the brand and its promise by maintaining a strong moral compass. Great taglines create an indelible connection between the consumer and the brand.

Some of our favorite taglines we've created:

The Power Within™
Run With It™
My World Is One™
Limitless Exploration™
Dare To Be Different™
Live Art™
Inspire Imagination™
Style. Freedom. Value.™