Core Competency: Content Creation & Social Media

Social media is a complex robust tiered opportunity. There are many different methods and channels to permeate your audience — and reach your customer. Finding the right balance of activities can be challenging — but is well worth your focus.

PIR embraces evolving technologies and considers each method available to create cost effective, cohesive digital strategies that align with your sales goals.

Social Media  

Whether it's TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, each channel has it's own flavor and requires it's own content that will engage the user. Not all channels are right for all brands. We analyze each channel and create a plan and content that will align with your brand, and increase your bottom line.


The breakout channel offers great rewards for highly engaging short form video stories.
(“Shhhhh… It's A Secret” got over 500,000 views, 45,000 likes, and 500 shares in one week.)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & More

Creating engaging content, social listening and channel management requires planning, consistency and constant attention.

YouTube & Social Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and often overlooked. We believe creating engaging video content and helping it get found is a critical component to any marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing & Content Creation 

Teaming with HubSpot we employ the art of “getting found” to your business. By creating engaging content we attract visitors to you through search engines, blogs, video, webinars, chat bots, infographics, downloads, and social media.

A well crafted blog post, white paper, or video content can draw your customer in when you marry the message with high performing keywords

Outbound & Traditional Marketing 

Whether it’s retention or lead nurturing — e-mail campaigns delivering engaging content will keep your base connected.

Reputation Management 

From SEO to feedback programs we create innovative ways to manage and support a healthy reputation for your business.

Snail Mail 

Sometimes the unexpected approach cuts through the clutter and connects with your customer.